FlexiWorkie terms and conditions

The principles of work for the delivery of jobs
are as follows:


We strongly recommend setting your working days as late or non-delivery could severely affect your rankings and your chances to win more work.

Provide specific requirements at an initial point: The client/corporate must provide all specifications in the project before approving a request in order for the candidate to begin.

Reactive: The Candidate must update periodically and respond to all Client/corporate messages in the WorkStream within one (1) working day. Likewise, the client/corporate must answer the candidate's questions rapidly so that the work can be done on time.

Time to produce: The candidate is expected either to produce the work specified in their hourly or to negotiate on the WorkStream from the client/corporate in advance. For late arrival, the scores of the candidate would be penalized.

Cancellation and compensation avoidance: Candidates must reach their tasks, and client/corporate accept reimbursement for work produced. Cancellation or reimbursement by users will be penalized (see regulation reimbursement & cancellation); if the client/corporate is not initially pleased, the candidate has to supply at least two additional variations on the work done.

Requirements posted on our portal if clients would be connected by corporate and candidates out of the platform then their profile would be terminated on immediate basis.

Job done payout: After this work has been performed, the candidate can ask for reimbursement and transfer fund.

The payout for Job done is due: Until analysis has been completed, client/corporate may not submit for payment in advance. Within 7 days, the candidate needs to compensate if work is not matching client/corporate requirements.

Payment via FlexiWorkie: All the work payments completed must be made through FlexiWorkie; payment attempts outside FlexiWorkie will result in sanctions not limited to the immediate suspension of the account. FlexiWorkie team must be informed if there is any request to pay outside FlexiWorkie platform by any of the user.